Robin Wright Is A Classic Beauty

If you were a child of the 80s, there are a few celebrities that we all had a crush on. From ones who appeared on our televisions everyday after school to the ones in the movies we watched over and over again until the VHS copy was completely worn out. The movie that we always watched was The Princess Bride, and that celebrity we all crushed on was Robin Wright.

Our crush continues to this day. Every single time a new sexy pic of Robin Wright comes out my heart goes aflutter. Here she’s rocking a hand bra, but my mind wanders to all her past films that have only made the crush stronger thanks to some awesome nudity. Yet, I find it a little hard to believe she has yet to do a nude scene on House of Cards. Maybe she’s over nudity or maybe it’s because her character is so damn sexy she doesn’t need to go nude. Though, I don’t think any of us would be bothered if she did. Either way, our collective Robin Wright crush will probably never go away.  

Robin Wright has the talent, the classic beauty, and incredible body that doesn’t seem to age. Toss in a great resume full of wonderful Robin Wright topless moments and that makes for one hell of woman. As you wish, Robin Wright, as you wish.