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We All Crush On Robin Wright Rw1 be26f79a featured

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Gallery: Charlotte McKinney Is (Almost) Naked With These Flowers Charlotte mckinney cheese nude shoot 3 d6a4c5fa featured

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Kate Upton Answers Honestly Kate upton hottest photos 2 a3818f5e featured

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The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Makes It The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year 5mzbfeg9 66233709 featured

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"Playboy" Is Going Back To Its Roots. Its Nude Roots Screen shot 2017 02 14 at 10 15 46 am f1c3536b featured

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Will 2017 Be The Year Of Kylie Jenner? Jenner 3336d8b5 featured

I’m going to say that 2017 is going to be year of Kylie Jenner... read more

Emily Ratajkowski's Boobs Are A Great Cure For The Blues Cpsk65k2 4b948a1d featured

Emily Ratajkowski's Breasts Will Fill You With Warm And Comfortable Feelings... read more

Everything About Ashley Smith Is Special C limit q 80 w 720 http images origin playboy com ogz4nxetbde6 yo5w3mrfyckiooqwk4que 17cbacd9eea92e50537b6bbe45773a7b shot 02 043 v3 d94193dd featured

Beautiful, Smart, And Great Cleavage—Ashley Smith Is One Hell Of A Woman... read more

Cara Delevingne Nude Is Simply Beautiful Cd2 4a169818 featured

There are few things in this life that are simple and when you get a chance to do something simple, you should always take it. So, take the next couple of minutes and truly enjoy the simple beauty of a nude Cara Delevingne.... read more

This Is The Sexiest Lea Michele Has Ever Been Lm1 7fb49f08 featured

It is safe to say that Lea Michele has been sexy before and will most likely be sexy in the future. But I have to say that this photo shoot for Women’s Health UK is probably the single sexiest thing Lea Michele has done to date. ... read more

Anyone Else Miss Juno Temple Nude on Television Every Week? Jy2 1c1caf33 featured

Even though Vinyl will not be coming back for a second season, we shouldn’t give up hope that Juno Temple will one day be nude again on a cable show. In fact, I would bet that it happens sooner rather than later. ... read more

Is Charlotte McKinney The Greatest Hand Bra Model Of All Time? Charlotte mckinney topples nude  77b9c36b featured

Charlotte McKinney is the hand bra master.... read more

Keira Knightley Feeds the "Nearly Nude" Scourge [PICS] 12380 web

Keira Knightley is taking her seat on the fake nude bandwagon by posing “topless” for Allure UK. But unlike recent GQ covergirl Rihanna, she fails to actually slip any nip. The delicious bitsy-boobied babe appears nearly nude on the December cover wearing only an open jacket, and also poses topless in the companion article. Unfortunately both shots keep the breast bits covered with a pesky hand bra. The accompanying quote is not so shy:

"Sex scenes in films—I'm quite rigorous about what gets exposed.... No bottom half! I don't mind exposing my tits because they're so small—people really aren't that interested!"

Oh Keira, you are so very wrong about that! But don’t worry, skin fans, here’s what Kiera was keeping so modestly covered in print.

See pics after the jump!... read more

Celebrate the Birth of the Brassiere with Mr. Skin's Playlists 11444 web

We have a love-hate relationship with the bra here at Mr. Skin. On the one hand, it cradles and lovingly supports one (actually make that two) of our favorite things in the entire world. On the other, it often obscures those very same things from view. (We especially hate them during sex scenes in R-rated comedies- we're looking at you, Kristen Bell and Kirsten Wiig.)

Regardless, today marks the 123rd anniversary of the invention of the bra, and in honor of this most ambivalent of inventions we're imagining a world without the double-barreled sling shot in Mr. Skin's Best Handbra Scenes playlist. Prepare to lift and separate, gentlemen.... read more

This Week in Viral Videos: Stealing Kisses and Grabbing Boobs [VIDEO] 10088 web

We've got two filthy-minded (but enterprising!) gentlemen here to teach you a thing or two this week in viral videos.

First, we've got a Hooters patron who's figured out how to translate his beer-chugging skills into spit-swapping action.

And second, a randy Russian with an ingenious scheme: he convinces a thousand girls to let him grab their boobs in public, under the pretense that he'll use those sweaty palms to shake Prime Minister Valdimir Putin's hand. Hey, it's political satire...right?

See the vids after the jump!... read more

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