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Nothing Like The Joy Of Models In Bikinis... read more

At 62 Christie Brinkley Is Still A Perfect 10 Spl1347329 008 c7e678cc featured

By the age of 62, you are only a few years away from retirement. No doubt you are getting mail from AARP and Medicare. And you probably find yourself craving the early bird specials at numerous restaurants and other places. Yes, you are in the golden years of life and ready to slow down… unless you are Christie Brinkley.... read more

Christie Brinkley Recreates Moonlight Skinny Dip from Vacation 7995 web

Supermodel supreme Christie Brinkley experienced a topless time warp recently when she recreated her famous skinny dipping scene from National Lampoon's Vacation (1983). As fantasy lust object the Girl in the Ferrari, Christie led Chevy Chase on a nighttime skinny dip that saw Christie dipping her toe in the nudity pool. However, Christie failed to dip anything else, leaving Mr. Skin out in the cold.

So it's a nude twist of fate that Christie's retro recreation for an upcoming TV commercial was an Arctic affair. On one of the coldest nights on record in Los Angeles, she went for a dip in freezing cold water:

"I'm down in the pool in nothing but a G-string... My lips would freeze, so they would have to get me out the pool to put me in a bathtub to thaw me out. I had to, like, go up the pool ladder with nothing much on."

The interviewer fails to ask Christie which lips she's referring to, which Mr. Skin considers unforgivable. Either way, we'll lend you some body heat any time, Christie!... read more

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