And You Thought Lingerie Ads Couldn't Get Sexier

It’s pretty hard to make a lingerie ad—be it a commercial or print ad—any better than it already inherently is. It’s hot ladies wearing next to nothing, that is something we all want to gaze upon. But when you toss in Kirsten Dunst, Rashida Jones, and the legendary Lauren Hutton in a Calvin Klein lingerie video, you’ve got yourself a masterpiece.  


I’m fairly certain that all of us would have been perfectly fine staring at random models in sexy bras and lacey panties, but adding in those three takes this commercial to a whole other level. Kirsten Dunst even tosses in a little side boob and while I’m sure the goal was to make us focus on that particular pair of panties, my eyes never strayed below the belt, or below the boob I should say. This ad is also a reminder that Rashida Jones really does need to do a topless scene. Yes, she looks amazing in a strapless bra or any kind of bra, but how amazing would that bra look on the floor next to her. Maybe our dreams of a topless Rashida Jones will come true sooner rather than later. I haven’t heard anything, I'm just being really, really, really, really hopeful. And Lauren Hutton well… she just makes everything a little bit sexier, doesn't she? That’s what happens when you are among the best in the business.  

So I guess this clip is the “Director’s Cut” and I’m wondering maybe there is another version of this; say longer? You know like a 2 hour director’s cut. I think we would all enjoy seeing that version.