No, She Always Shows Her Cleavage And We Are Grateful

Does anyone think it’s possible for Christina Hendricks to not show off her cleavage? I’m not saying I want her to wear thick turtleneck sweaters all the time, I’m merely wondering if one could hide such spectacular cleavage.  

Perhaps I am asking the wrong question; that tends to happen to me from time to time. The real question might be: would one want to cover up such amazing cleavage? Though, the answer to that one is simple—no. Why would she? Christina Hendricks has in her possession some of the finest cleavage any of us have ever seen. I have no doubt that there are times when Christina Hendricks is amazed by her own cleavage. Why would anyone want to deny the world such a gift? That’s probably why Christina Hendricks most likely doesn’t own anything that doesn’t show off her superior cleavage. Or as a dear friend of mine would put it, "She'd fall out of a sweater." Yes, she would. Very much so. And it would be awesome.  

Hey, I’m glad we were able to put our heads together and figure out the answer to this important question. As a reward for solving this mystery let’s all enjoy some Christina Hendricks cleavage! Hooray knowledge!