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Mr. Skin's Top Blu-ray Releases of 2011 [PICS] 10315 web

So you consider yourself more of an early adopter, eh? Whether you've had a Blu-ray player since the great HD DVD wars of 2008 or just got your sweaty little paws on one this Black Friday, this year some absolute classics of skinema (like Gia (1998), left) finally got the HD treatment with lavishly restored, uncut Blu-ray releases.
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Mr. Skin Celebrates the '80s: 1986 [PICS] 9070 web

While the Chernobyl and Challenger disasters dominated the nightly news, 1986 was actually a great year for the nightly nudes. In 1986 Bond babe Kim Basinger brought softcore back into the mainstream with 9 1/2 Weeks, centerfold queen Penny Baker made her (onscreen) nude debut, and the world was skintroduced to "la grande bouche", Beatrice Dalle, who stripped down for an astounding 10 nude scenes in Betty Blue. All in all, a happy nude year!
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Mr. Skin's Blu-Ray Discoveries: Betty Blue 8581 web

We've been spilling lots of internet ink on the French arthouse flick Betty Blue lately, thanks to its ELEVEN nude scenes, including one bush-only scene that prompted a new playlist. The Blu-ray of this skinstant classic was released last week, and our Skin wizards have given it a thorough skinspection, revealing some new nudity!

They've uncovered some neatly trimmed Kilroy bush, so called because it's peeping over the top of her underwear. This bit of muff fluff comes to you courtesy of French actress Clementine Celarie, who plays a breastfeeding mama:

Ain't technology grand?

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The Muff's Enough: Mr. Skin's Bush-Only Nude Scenes [PICS] 8558 web

Like the Gorgeted Puffleg, the endangered hummingbird only found in the cloud forests of Columbia's Serrania del Pinche, the bush-only nude scene is a rare and exotic beast. We had a brush with this elusive nude creature with this week's Blu-ray release of Betty Blue, and to celebrate we've got a new playlist of bush-only nude scenes!

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Mad Love: DVD Roundup 4-26-11 8491 web

We've got a ward's worth of magnificent mental cases nude this week on DVD and Blu-Ray, with up-and-comer Jessica Chastain stripping her way to the nut house in Jolene, Beatrice Dalle baring boobs, bush and bipolar butt in Betty Blue, and Missy Cleveland's T&A fueling John Travolta's paranoid perversions in Blow Out. In other nudes, we've got the insane imagery of Alejandro Jorodowsky in El Topo and The Holy Mountain, now on Blu-Ray.

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Skincoming DVDs for November 17, 2009 6823 web

Mr. Skin's DVD Pick of the Week
The Limits of Control (2009)
STUDIO: Universal
NUDE: Paz de la Huerta (FFN, butt)
Helmed by cult director Jim Jarmusch, the crime drama The Limits of Control (2009) stars Isaach De Bankolé as a nameless loner. In the midst of carrying out some mysterious criminal enterprise, he wanders around Spain ordering up espressos in cafes where he meets equally mysterious and nameless contacts. The only thing that doesn’t stay hidden is the body of Paz de la Huerta, whose character’s name is simply Nude. And thankfully Paz gets into character and stays that way, walking around naked and showing off her boobs, butt, and bush throughout the movie. If you see this in a theater, you’ll be exploring the limits of self-control.... read more

This Week in Skinstory: November 1 - 8 6714 web

A weekly look back at celebrity nudity happenings of note from the earliest days of famous females to today’s hottest starlets.

Get the in-depth facts and figures on skincredible events that happened during the week of November 1st through November 8th, including: Kate Winslet nude in Vanity Fair magazine, Mimi Rogers nude in Full Body Massage, Catherine Bach nude in Crazed, Beatrice Dalle nude in Betty Blue, and the deep-impact releases of I Spit on Your Grave and 52 Pick-Up.

November 3, 1978
I Spit on Your Grave opens in theaters.

Willowy redhead Camille Keaton (granddaughter of silent-comedy great Buster Keaton) stars as a novelist whose solitary weekend retreat in the woods in interrupted by a violent gang. More than once. She then exacts payback via hanging, axe murder, and death by blood loss from a knife wound where a penis once was.

Spit played grindhouses and drive-ins deep into the 1980s and became an immediate blockbuster in the early days of home video.... read more

Top 10 Best Nude Scenes After the 2 Hour Mark 5304 featured

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Steve Bloom: The Mr. Skin Interview

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The Ten Most Skintastic DVDs of 2004

Any twelve-month period that kicks off with Janet Jackson busting out a Girls Gone Wild tribute at the Super Bowl and wraps up with a Playboy spread starring the chewy pink chute through which Denise Richards whelped Charlie Sheen's spawn is a year after Mr. Skin's own hard--I mean, heart.... read more

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