The ‘Heatwave From Hell’ currently sweeping across Europe is quickly becoming the Heatwave from Heaven for all the outdoor porn aficionados out there.

Nicknamed ‘Lucifer’ due to its devilishly high temperatures, the heatwave has seen the weather soar above 105 degrees Fahrenheit in the majority of mainland Europe.

While the freak conditions are proving a sweltering inconvenience for most, there has been one unlikely benefit to emerge for the rest of us. Outdoor sex on the continent appears to be at an all time high, with sex sharing platform Lustery reporting a record number of ‘al fresco’ video submissions as a result.


With outdoor sex tapes flying in from some of the most affected areas such as Italy, Spain, and Germany, it’s clear that the scorching conditions are causing productiveness to plummet and libidos to soar across most of mainland Europe. 

As with all things rewarding, the videos submitted to Lustery aren’t without an element of risk. Whether it be getting disturbed by passing cyclists, or applauded by fellow beach goers after taking a load to the face, there’s certainly a lot to appeal to your inner voyeur.

After bursting onto the scene in late 2016, Lustery (think Youtube for porn) has quickly established itself as the place for self-submitted sex videos by real couples, and this latest surge in outdoor video submissions further confirms this ‘go-to’ status.



With forecasts predicting the high temperatures will persevere, it’s unlikely the sexy surge is going to go away anytime soon. You know what they say; every cloud (or in this case, every blue sky), has a silver lining. Head over to now to watch the full videos, all from the comfort of your parent’s air conditioned basement. Bliss!