Mera Better Get A Movie

Superman I understand, Batman makes perfect sense to me, Spider-Man, Captain America, and all the other superheroes I can wrap my head around, but Aquaman is one that just leaves me scratching my head. How many water-related crimes and rescues are there in the world that we need a superhero who can talk to fish? I hadn’t planned on seeing Aquaman, but Amber Heard’s Mera costume has me rethinking my decision.  

From this one image, this one single picture of Amber Heard soaking wet in a green, skintight outfit I’m just picturing what it’s going to look like on the big screen. That image, seeing Amber Heard in this, is well worth the price of admission and having to sit through a movie about a fish talking, boat saving superhero with a Ben Affleck cameo. I don’t know if Ben Affleck will be in the movie, but Amber Heard’s cleavage sure will be. It will probably be there in more than one scene. 

You know what would be great, Wonder Woman and Mera together at last. Throw in Black Widow and Gamora (I don’t care if it’s two different universes) and now you’ve got a superhero movie everyone wants to see. Heck, you could make up a new superhero and as long as it is as hot as Amber Heard, the movie will be a hit.